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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Multiculturalism is like Communism! |


Dear Readers:

Yes, you heard right, multiculturalism is like communism. But let me finish the sentence before you start to wonder what the hell I’m talking about.

Multiculturalism is just like communism……, in that it looks great on paper, but just doesn’t work in real life!

And not only does it not work kids, but it’s the direct cause of most of the problems Western Society has today!

An Englishman named Frank Ellis had these thoughts on multiculturalism:

No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity.

Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this, or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.

What did he just say? “If they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.”

Well now, this sounds a little extreme, but if you follow his line of thinking it soon becomes apparent where he is headed with this!

This transformation is as radical and revolutionary as the project to establish Communism in the Soviet Union. Just as every aspect of life had to be brought under political control in order for the commissars to impose their vision of society, the multiculturalists hope to control and dominate every aspect of our lives.

Unlike the hard tyranny of the Soviets, theirs is a softer, gentler tyranny but one with which they hope to bind us as tightly as a prisoner in the Gulag.

Today’s “political correctness” is the direct descendent of Communist terror and brainwashing.

Unlike the obviously alien implantation that was Communism, what makes multiculturalism particularly insidious and difficult to combat is that it usurps the moral and intellectual infrastructure of the West.

Although it claims to champion the deepest held beliefs of the West, it is in fact a perversion and systematic undermining of the very idea of the West.

What we call “political correctness” actually dates back to the Soviet Union of the 1920s (politicheskaya pravil’nost’ in Russian), and was the extension of political control to education, psychiatry, ethics, and behavior. It was an essential component of the attempt to make sure all aspects of life were consistent with ideological orthodoxy – which is the distinctive feature of all totalitarianisms.

In the post-Stalin period, political correctness even meant that dissent was seen as a symptom of mental illness, for which the only treatment was incarceration.

As Mao Tse-Tung, the Great Helmsman, put it, “Not to have a correct political orientation is like not having a soul.” Mao’s “Little Red Book” is full of exhortations to follow the correct path of Communist thought, and by the late 1960s Maoist political correctness was well established in American universities.

The final stage of development, which we are witnessing now, is the result of cross-fertilization with all the latest “isms:” anti-racism, feminism, structuralism, and post-modernism, which now dominate university curricula.

The result is a new and virulent strain of totalitarianism, whose parallels to the Communist era are obvious. Today’s dogmas have led to rigid requirements of language, thought, and behavior, and violators are treated as if they were mentally unbalanced, just as Soviet dissidents were.

Today, of course, we are made to believe that diversity is strength, perversity is virtue, success is oppression, and that relentlessly repeating these ideas over and over is “tolerance and diversity.”

Somehow, I don’t think this is what Trudeau had in mind, but none the less, it’s where we ended up!

Indeed, the multicultural revolution works subversion everywhere, just as Communist revolutions did: judicial activism undermines the rule of law; “tolerance” weakens the conditions that make real tolerance possible; universities, which should be havens of free inquiry, practice censorship that rivals that of the Soviets.

And THAT, my friends, is why you see a slogan at the top of this page that says………….! This site is not recommended for the politically correct, or overly religious!

We will talk about the “Religious” aspect on another day!

Your long suffering scribe;

Allan W Janssen

Multiculturalism is like Communism! |