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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cows attack woman hiking in Alpine meadow! |




Dear Readers;

My wife keeps asking why I honk the horn and shake my fist at any herd of cows we see as we are driving around. Aside from an encounter with a freshly laid cow patty when I was a kid, I have also come to realize that cows are slovenly, dirty, stupid and disgusting creatures who have a mean streak about a mile wide inside of them.

If ya don’t believe me check out this short article from Switzerland.

A woman is being treated in hospital for injuries after being attacked by cows while hiking through a pasture above Saint-Gingolph, a Valais town on the south bank of Lake Geneva.

(The cows in this picture were not involved in the attack! It was a herd of rogue cows! Picture for comparison only! File photo: Brendan Gogarty)

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when the hiker and a female companion, accompanied by a dog, walked through a field near the Lac de Lovenex, Valais cantonal police said.

For a reason not yet explained, a herd of cows moved toward the couple, knocking over and injuring one of the hikers in the head, police said.

A Rega rescue team arrived on the scene by helicopter and treated her on the spot before flying her to Lausanne’s university hospital (CHUV).

Her condition is not believed to be life threatening, police said.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

Hikers in the Swiss Alps often encounter cows, which spend summers wandering Alpine meadows, many of them traversed by hiking paths.

While attacks are rare, they are not unknown.

The tourist website recommends that people walking in the Alps should pass cows quietly and avoid getting too close to them.

“Cows, in particular when accompanied with calves, may act aggressively when disturbed,” the site advises.

Malcolm Curtis (

2012-07-27 10:17:54 by smeghead

the tide has turned, revenge of the Cows.

2012-08-21 00:50:44 by AdrianM

If you take a dog, other than a trained cattle dog, to a mountain region where cows are loose, its asking for trouble. Animals will attack while protecting their young out of fear of the dog.

Cows attack woman hiking in Alpine meadow! |