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Friday, 28 September 2012

Afrocentric cirriculum expsed!

Dear Readers:

As you probably know there is a growing movement here in Canada and the United States to open what are called “Afrocentric” schools in the larger cities.

The original purpose was just to foster an better understanding of black history and culture amongst inner city kids, but problems developed when these students were found to be too immersed in their own particular street culture to be able to properly understand the school’s syllabus!

Since the course of studies was designed to integrate these kids into society as a whole, with the objective of giving them proper tools to function outside of their own socioeconomic group, a special course of studies was developed that enabled them to comprehend societal requirements in a way that was compatible with their particular linguistic jargon and street slang.

(In other words folks, they were given their lessons in street slang so they would understand it better!!!!)

We here at Perspective on Canada were doubtful of the wisdom of this course of action since it was geared more toward the dumbing down of the teaching, rather than the smartening up of the kids.

Our concerns were justified when the Perspective Research Department obtained a copy of a primary grammar text, and we found out that this was the way they declined the verb “To Be.”