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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Morning Confusion!

Folks, I am really confused!

Looking around the Internet this morning has raised some interesting questions!

How can Mitt Romney make 15 million bucks last year and pay 14% in income tax, while a guy making somewhere south of $100,000 pays a 30% tax rate.

How can they write a whole article on how John Travolta’s sideburns are turning grey!

Why would some guy in New York jump into the Bronx Zoo tiger cage just to see what would happen. (What happened was, the tiger tore off his foot, and then munched on the rest of him for a while!)

{This reminds me, what is a great stocking stuffer at Christmas ………………., a severed foot!}

If ya have chronic diarrhea why does the best cure involve getting someone else’s shit pumped up you butt?

How could a 15 year old guy who claimed he had an affair with a 43 year old female teacher …………., then turn around and complain about it?

Where were these teachers when I was 15. (The worst scandal we had when I was in high school was when the 22 year old gym teacher ran away with the 50 something principal.)


How can a kid steal a coin collection, and then, and then, …………………………….. and then!

Pizza and a movie ended up costing the freedom of a Vancouver man accused of using stolen antique coins to pay for his night out.

Dakoda Garren,19, was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing an antique coin collection. The collection, which had coins dating back to the 1800s, was estimated to be worth $100,000, The Columbian reported.

Yup, that’s right folks, Dakoda Garren is our ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK, for spending $100,000 in antique coins on pizza and beer!