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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Give the women what they want! |



Dear Readers:
There has been a lot of agitation from women lately over what these broads refer to as “equal rights!” Now your erstwhile diligent reporter isn’t sure what they mean by this phrase, but I can tell you that demands from these ‘suffragettes,’ or “feminists” as they like to call themselves is getting louder and more out of hand every day.
Good God, it wasn’t that long ago that we recognized as ‘people’ and gave them the vote, yet they continue to clammer for more and more.
Let me tell you from past experience folks that if ya give em’ a little finger, they will take your whole arm, so be careful to what you agree to.
We already have them working in our factories while our men are off to war, but their demands seem insatiable.
To placate the yappiest of them, we have come up with a list of rules for women in your employ that should
shut them upmake them happy!

(I don't want to get the girls too riled up.............., but these rules are so ridiculous they are actually funny! Hard to imagine someone was serious when they published this! -Ed.)

Give the women what they want! |