Dear Readers;
Your faithful and reliable old reporter has been pondering this problem with Muslim fanatics around the world and I think I have come up with a solution!
First of all, we have to isolate Islamic countries more from the West.
Hard to put up an actual wall around the entire Muslim world, but we will think of something. We need less communication back and forth and more of something like a quarantine so that they can protest and riot to their hearts content and it doesn’t affect us.
Matter of fact we won’t even know about it!
(This is a lot like the aliens are doing with the Earth right now! You know ………………, quarantine us until we become civilized)
That takes care of over there. But what about over here, you say.
If you’re a Muslim and you behave yourself and fit in with everybody, then there is no problem.
The first second you go fanatic and start demonstrating, or any of that other insurgent shit, we round you up and put you on a plane!
As soon as the plane is full we fly it to the Middle East.
(Anywhere in the Middle East, it doesn’t matter.)
Then we give everybody a parachute and push them out of the plane.
Problem solved!