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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Regarding the Mayor and the Wind Turbines!

I have a few things to say about the Mayor of Toronto, and the Wind Turbine controversy here in Ontario, so if you’re from another part of Canada, you might as well go have a snack, or something!


I am getting so sick of the left wing, with their hate campaign against Rob Ford.

Look folks, all you people at city hall are as bad as the Republicans in the States when it comes to getting rid of Obama.

You can’t let your life be centred on getting rid of someone to the exclusion of all else.

In other words ………., give it a break, eh! (Olivia Chow has just announced she is running for Mayor next time around. She will put the city in the same mess Miller did, but at least we won’t have to listen to the daily bitching from the rest of council, since they are all NDP supporters too!)

Now, speaking of whining!!!!

To quote our previous article, all you whiners about the wind turbines need to shut the fuck up too!

All sorts of studies have been done on wind farms, and the turbines don’t appear to have any deleterious affects on anyone, but the complainers won’t take NO for an answer!

Here is an example. When we are not watching television I turn the cable control box off, and this leaves us with a blank screen and a very slight hisssss, that is barely audible, from the set.

I don’t notice it anymore because it was relegated to background noise about ten seconds after I was first made aware of it! (By my wife)

(Look kids, there are places right next to train tracks where people don’t hear the train anymore because they get used to it, but this barely audible hiss can drive ya nuts ……, IF YA OBSESS ABOUT IT!)

This is the problem with that slight whooshing sound from the blades of wind turbines ………., you are either obsessing about it, or you’re just pissed that your neighbour is making money and you’re NOT!

Either way, it’s about time you got over it!