The soap opera known as the Trinity Broadcasting Network is starting to look like a bad sequel to the PTL scandal.
Basically, the granddaughter of TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch has accused the world’s largest Christian broadcaster of unlawfully distributing charitable assets worth more than $50 million to the company’s directors.
Subsequently a man claimed that TBN wrongfully sued him over nonexistent contracts, to retaliate after his nephew’s wife “uncovered and reported illegal distributions and other unlawful self-dealing by Trinity Broadcasting’s directors exceeding $50 million.”
Aside from its legal problems, many Christians refer to it as The Blasphemy Channel due to the enormous amount of aberrant and heretical teachings it broadcasts. (See: Unholy Trinity: Outraged at TBN’s Brazen False Teaching).
Like we’ve said many times before: faithful ‘TBN partners’ may want to hold on to their donations for a while. Unless, of course, they think their money is well-spent of such things as luxury ‘parsonages.’
Incidentally, we’ve noticed a marked rise is the number of TBN ‘press releases’ online. So if you want to know what TBN thinks it does well, simply search Google News for those missives