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Friday, 21 September 2012

That didn't work out too well!

I just wrote an article about likes and dislikes, and as I was about to send it to my blog I had an inspiration about how to classify it for the readers.

Normally if it’s an article about politics, I would put it in the ‘political’ category, or if it was a couple of jokes I would put it in the ‘humour’ page!

As I was looking over the different categories I could put it in, I had the thought that if I sent it to the proper spot …………………….., that would be like preaching to the converted.

Yes, the political types would get the political articles, etc. but I wanted to reach new readers, and to do this I had to send my articles to new areas of interest!

After a bit of contemplation I decided that the best way, and the most unbiased way of reaching new people was to just randomly choose any topic and send it there.

That way, even though they were looking for one thing, they would see something else, and if they got interested enough they would expand their horizons!

With my new plan firmly in mind I did the old, “close your eyes and pick anything” trick and sent the article on it’s way!

It was only after I sent it that I realized the topic I had chosen was “glaucoma,” and whoever got it wouldn’t be able to read it anyway.

Looks like I outsmarted myself.