Back in the old days, Mayan priests regularly performed human sacrifice, Christians subjected their foes to the Inquisition and lots of dirty tricks, and Muslims now bomb stuff and kill infidels as a matter of course.
Which bring us to the Amish.
If they get pissed, chances are they will grab ya and cut off part of your beard!
“Shave and a haircut, two bits…………….., as the old song goes!”
If I was gonna get religion, I think I would go with the Amish!
Prosecution, defense both rest in trial of Amish beard-cutting cult • Wednesday September 12, 2012

Defense lawyers in the hate crimes trial of Amish bishop Samuel Mullet and 15 of his followers rested their case Tuesday without calling a single witness.
The 16 defense lawyers — one for each member of the Amish sect on trial for a series of beard and hair cutting attacks on fellow Amish — and Federal prosecutors will hold their closing arguments today, after which the jury will be instructed.
In an unprecedented application of a landmark 2009 federal law that expanded government powers to prosecute hate crimes, the clan members were charged with hate crimes because prosecutors believe the attacks were motivated by religious differences.
Among the Amish after marriage men grow beards and women let their hair grow long in devotion to God.
Come to think of it, the only ones I don’t hear any bitchin’ and complainin’ from are the Buddhists!
Maybe I’ll become a monk!!!!!!!!