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Friday, September 7, 2012

The problem with Rob Ford and Conrad Black. |




Look folks, before we get into any long diatribes here about what is wrong with Mrs. Ford or Mr. Black, let me say that I really like Rob Ford, and I just love Conrad Black.

(In a very platonic way, of course!)

Yet, in spite of my respect and admiration for these two gentlemen, they are without doubt the authors of their own demise!

Rob Ford collected money for his charity and used his own political letterhead to solicit funds, which the Ethics Commissioner said was a ‘nay, nay!’

Good ol’ Rob didn’t agree, but instead of letting it go at that point, he also voted not to repay the money, which was a big Faux Pas, No – No, Nein, Nada or any other negative you wish to apply.

This put the rotund one in a serious conflict of interest, so you could say he is the author of his own demise!

The same can be said for Mr. Black.

Very early in the long list of events that led to his legal troubles he could have made the whole thing go away by giving back something like $50,000 to Hollinger, but his misguided sense of right and wrong, combined with his own sense of self importance and hubris, prevented him from doing so. (Everyone around Conrad told him to come to an agreement with Hollinger’s people, but he wouldn’t.)

As a result the amount of money in question went to the billions, and then down to the millions, and finally to the $600,000 he was convicted of.

In retrospect, you could say these guys stuck to their principles ………………, but you can also say their principles cost them dearly!

The problem with Rob Ford and Conrad Black. |