I was going to write a blog about two women bloggers I knew who were …….. were ……….. well put it this way!
…………….. There is a condominium complex next door to me where there are 50 units. Since they are reasonable priced, in an otherwise expensive neighbourhood, we have about 45 of the 50 units occupied by middle-aged, divorced, bitter, shrewish, opinionated women who you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of!
Now, these women I was going to write about would have felt right at home in the place next door, and that reminded me of an ‘old world’ saying that my father used to tell.
(BUT. Before I tell you what it was that he said, I have to explain that my dad used this to describe any group of people who were all the same …………….., you know, irritating!)
What he said was: “Put them all in a sack and hang it from the rafters, then get a stick and whack the sack ………….. whoever you hit will be the right one!
As soon as this came into my mind alarm bells started to go off!
“Wait a minute!” I said.
These are not only women, but feminists, and maybe even feminazi’s. If I say that it will be construed as violence against women, wife beating, anger management issues, Oedipus complex and a host of other psychiatric disorders instead of what it really was ……………………… an imaginary way to deal with irritating people!
“Jesus Christ, if I say that ………….., I’ll have every woman, and maybe the law, down my throat for who knows how long.” I thought.
Too bad!
Those two women I was going to write about really bug me, but they would hide behind any dirty tricks they could think of to get back at me!
And the worst part is I can’t even tell ya who they are, except to say that one of them is very tall!
(Now do ya see how they have us guys on the run?)