Your ‘up to the minute’ and ‘always ready’ reporter got wind of a big fight in T.O.’s Chinatown on the weekend, and we rushed out to get all the straight poop on the altercation! (You know, like in “Big Trouble in Little China!”)
Imagine my disappointment when, instead of ‘lamb chops’ and ‘flying kicks,’ all we saw was a few dishes thrown around…….!
(Stupid people didn’t even know how to swear properly! Just a bunch of Chinese guys running around yelling “oh shit, oh shit!”)
By Irene Thomaidis, QMI Agency
TORONTO — Police say they’re looking for a plate-slinging patron after a brawl broke out at a Chinatown restaurant early Saturday.
The fight — caught on video and uploaded to YouTube — apparently started at around 3:30 a.m. over seating space at the crowded Pho Xe Lua, a Vietnamese eatery.
At least a half-dozen patrons, some dressed in Halloween costumes, were involved in the tussle. A plate was launched into the air and struck a restaurant employee in the head.
“During the altercation, a woman in her 20s was struck in the face and sustained injuries which required medical attention.” police said in a release.
The video received more than 250,000 views as of Monday morning.
The suspect is described as an Asian man, between 20 and 25 years old. He stands roughly 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-9 and has a muscular build with multicolored tattoos on his left bicep. He was clean-shaven, with short black hair, which was shaved on both sides. He was wearing a “SWAT” costume vest with holster, tight black v-neck T-shirt and black pants.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.