Paul Ryan’s political views place him on the right — maybe even the far right — but a prominent feature of his thick dark hair appears at the center of his forehead: a “widow’s peak,” or what is more correctly called a “widower’s peak” when it appears on a man.

The widow’s peak knows no political party. It refers to a hairline that forms a V pattern at the top of the forehead, rather than a straight or rounded shape. The widow’s peak is a dominant trait, meaning that it tends to appear in each generation rather than simply being carried in the genes as a recessive trait. Hair loss caused by aging can also create the effect of a widow’s peak.

SO, it should come as no surprise to our readers that the ‘Perspective Research Department’ has done a bit of digging and come up with the trivia fact that Paul Ryan was Eddie Munster on the TV show “The Munsters!”

Ryans office could not be reached for a comment, (or they could be ducking us) but when we get a chance to talk to Mr. Ryan we will let you know when he got out of show biz!

<– In the meantime, a spokesman for the Ryan camp has denied these rumours as being totally false!

“Mr. Ryan is in no way connected to the TV show The Munsters,” he was heard to say. “Besides, he is much too young to have been on that show!”

(Despite these denials, your ever vigilant reporter wants you to remember that vampires are always a lot older than they look, …………., so don’t be fooled!)

Your ‘nothing but the truth’ scribe;
Allan W Janssen