The common story was that it was his kids from a white woman, so they didn’t look too black ….., but let’s back the truck up a bit, folks!
Up until now I only saw individual photo’s of these kids, and it never registered that they didn’t have one black cell among the three of them, until I saw them all together.
(OK, OK, I’m not always that quick on the uptake, but, I fiqured that Michael’s attempt to make himself look white somehow rubbed off on the kids!!!!!!)
But, just looking at them you would swear they were born from Norwegian or Swedish parents. Or, maybe you combine a black father with an Albino mother and you get normal white kids? :>)
Like everything else where Michael Jackson was concerned, it shall forever more remain an enigma and a mystery!
(Look at this picture, Paris is a hundred times whiter than Nichole Ritchie!)