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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I remember back in the seventies when I was getting out of full time radio DJ work and “getting a real job” as my dad liked to put it.

I worked as a car salesman for the local GM dealer.

(The reason I was there was because my dad was the Volkswagen Dealer, and he wanted me to get some outside experience before I joined the firm.)

Things were going good for a year or so, until my girlfriend and I split up, and then, lo and behold, my sales went into the toilet for 6 months.

This taught me a valuable lesson that attitude is everything is sales, and if ya don’t have it …………………………, ya don’t make money.

The reason I bring this up is because I was talking to someone today, and she was in the same ‘down in the dumps’ boat that I knew all too well.

I gave her a few inspirational words, even though I knew that ‘time’ is the best medicine for an ailment of this nature, and this is what I said;

First of all, we need to realize that we are depressed ……….., and one of the best ways to deal with it is by adopting an attitude of hopeful optimism that I once heard utteredby an old Indian Chief. (Chief Dan George)

What he said was this: ” We shall endeavour to persevere!”

That’s it, nothing too fancy of profound, just a realization that stubborn ‘stick-to-it-ness” is what is required of us.

The second is an old folks saying that my uncle used to tell me and it went like this………………….. “schmiess den rheem auf de orgal!”

Oh, did I fail to mention that he was German?

Translated the saying goes, “Throw the belt on the Thresher!”

The thrashing machine, or, in modern spelling, threshing machine (or simply thresher), was a machine first invented by Scottish mechanical engineer Andrew Meikle for use in agriculture. It was invented (c.1784) for the separation of grain from stalks and husks. For thousands of years, grain was separated by hand with flails, and was very laborious and time consuming. Mechanization of this process took much of the drudgery out of farm labour.

Simply put, the idea is to throw the belt on the machine so that you can start to be productive …….., without it nothing happens.

SO, once again, the next time ya can’t get motivated folks …………………, “schmiess den rheem auf de orgal!”