Dear Readers;
With death and destruction all up and down the east coast of North America, there is not much we can tell you about hurricane Sandy that is not already being covered by all the other media.
Oh, I realize that the Perspective Research Department can usually find some quirky thing the other news organizations have missed or ignored but that’s not the point today kids!
Your humble reporter thinks you have probably heard all about the 7 million people without power, the dozen people killed, the woman hit by a falling sign in Toronto, the NYC subway being full of water, the HMS Bounty sinking, and Atlantic City’s boardwalk floating out into the Atlantic ocean, so there is no sense in repeating it here!
What we decided, since this is now the “Naked News” of the Blogoshpere, is that we would give you temporary relief from all that boring doom and gloom by showing these pictures of some of our favourite movie stars.
Plus, of course, our Naked News staff ! —>
Your ‘just the bare facts’ reporter;
Allan W Janssen