Just as we have heard, time and again, that right wing fundamentalist Christian groups claim all sorts of natural disasters as being Divine retribution from God for this sin, or that sin, so too will the Muslim’s not be left behind in the blame game!
Never mind the Westboro Baptist Church, or Pat Robertson, or Rush Limburger, when they claim God picks sides and we are all just a bunch of sinners………… the Eastern fanatics want in on the action too!

Stewart Bell
A Toronto website that calls itself the “newsmagazine of the Islamic movement” has described the hurricane battering the northeast U.S. a “divine slap.”
In an un-bylined post, Crescent International, which often promotes the worldview of Iran’s repressive regime, called Hurricane Sandy “a divine slap on the face of arrogance.”
The website is run by the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought. Zafar Bangash, director of the institute, said Tuesday he did not write the post, headlined: “Hurricane Sandy delivers slap on US face.”
“We have a number of bloggers that put on stuff on our website but that particular writer perhaps felt that it was a slap on the face of the U.S. government and its policies,” he said.
Asked to elaborate, Mr. Bangash, who was reached at the Islamic Society of York Region, the federally registered charity that lists him as a director, said he did not believe he would be quoted accurately and hung up.
The post also lamented that Ohio women would be voting in next week’s U.S. presidential election, saying “the fact that Ohio housewives will determine who should occupy the White House to decide on such weighty issues as dealing with the Middle East, Iran’s nuclear program or U.S. relations with Russia is quite amusing, and revealing.
“This is what American democracy is all about. But for now, Hurricane Sandy, as a divine slap on the face of arrogance, is smashing its way through the Eastern Coast of the U.S.”