After reading this article I thought of the movie “8 heads in a duffel bag”

Tommy Spinelli (Joe Pesci), is a wiseguy hired by a pair of dimwitted hit men to transport a duffel bag full of decapitated heads across the country to a crime boss (as proof of the deaths).
While on a commercial flight, his bag is accidentally switched with that of Charlie Pritchett (Andy Comeau), a friendly, talkative, young American tourist who is going to Mexico to see his girlfriend Laurie (Kristy Swanson) and her parents (George Hamilton & Dyan Cannon). 

I don’t know why I made the connection because there is absolutely no similarity between the two stories except that the woman put the head in a duffel bag and took it to the cops instead of just calling 911.

EDMONTON – Police in Edmonton are investigating after a human head was found in an alley.A source says a woman made the gruesome discovery in a northeast neighbourhood.
RCMP are working with city police to determine whether the head is linked to remains found in a ditch near Ranfurly, east of Edmonton, on the weekend.
Local media have quoted area residents who heard the body was decapitated and lying in a ditch next to a running pickup truck.

I guess the unfortunate thing is that Joe Pesci was in no way involved with the real head.