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WE, are about to start a new religion folks!!!!!!!!!
Here is the bare bones of the idea, and then we have to throw it out to the masses………………, THAT’S RIGHT KIDS, A NEW RELIGION FOR THE 21st. CENTURY!

A religion that is not only contemporary, but relevant as well.
First, we base it on the premise of the Libertarian movement, that is, everyone is responsible for themselves with a minimum of governmental interference! (Matter of fact, interference is the one major no-no! You can do what you want, but don’t even think about trying to get someone else to follow YOUR rules!)
After that, we get to the “RELIGIOUS’ part, and it goes something like this:
That’s it folks! No big secret society or elitist clergy and brethren.
Just a bunch of people doing what Jesus taught without all the mumbo-jumbo of Resurrection, miracles and Angels with swords.
No everlasting life if ya follow the rules, and eternal damnation if ya don’t!
God still makes the world, just not in seven days and 6000 years ago.
Moses gets the Ten Commandments through inspiration, not from a burning bush!
Jesus wrestles with his conscience, not the Devil.
You still have to love your neighbours, and all the stories and parables in the Bible are still relevant because they teach us how to be better people.
It’s just that nobody jumps up after they have been dead for three days, and ya can’t turn water into wine. [At least not back then! ;>) ]
In other words, just get rid of the Bullshit!
Now go out and “Pay it Forward!”
That’s right, pass it on until it becomes a movement.
Turn it into a cause.
Make it the standard by which we measure ourselves!
And we can start by re-writing the Bible and getting rid of the magic!