These winged warriors live in three spots here in the S.W. corner of London. Over in Pond Mills, towards the east side of town, up at the Sifton Bog, and to the west at the quarry in Komoka!
Now I don’t know what the deal is, but every morning I hear them go overhead in both directions, and then come back every evening at sundown.
I sent the Perspective Research Department, and the Naked News Staff out to find the reason for this daily trip, and found out they are just like us …………… they commute!
This means they live in one spot and go to work, or whatever they do, in another spot.
(Or maybe they like to go out to eat.)
I, for example, like to go to Komoka as well, and have breakfast at the Little Beaver restaurant.
Who knows, maybe the geese have their favourite dinning spots too!
All I know for sure is that when I hear them go back home at night, ya can bet it’s just about time for supper!