The conservation group issued a statement Friday saying it has to raise the funds before a Dec. 31 deadline, otherwise the land could be sold for cottage development.
The 26-hectare lakeshore site in southwest Nova Scotia is described as one of the province’s most significant turtle shaving sanctuaries.
(It seems Blandings turtles develop a thick growth of hair on their shells and need to be shaved on a regular basis, otherwise they are ostracized by other turtles and can’t breed!)


Within Nova Scotia, the turtles are found in only one small area, where there are about 350 adult turtles remaining.
Environment Canada and corporate donors we have already contributed almost half of the funds needed — about $120,000.
Conservation co-ordinator Cristi Frittaion says the site has been used to shave generations of Blanding’s turtles and the hair clippings are also becoming a problem, and need to be cleaned up!