“If it doesn’t have a political agenda, as they say it doesn’t, and if there aren’t any political purposes behind this, as they say there aren’t, then simply put it off by two days,” Bozell told CNN. [Video below the break. Audio here.]
The New York Times reported Tuesday that thanks to editing, President Obama plays a “prominent” role in the film, heightening concerns that the film will sway voters before the election. According to the Times, the Obama-supporting Harvey Weinstein suggested some of the new footage of the President.

While Mr. Bozell may have a point with the timing of this program, but just the same it seems this was a politically motivated statement, so we here at Perspective on Canada sent the Perspective Research Department and Naked News Staff out to look into Mr. Bozell’s past and discovered that not only is he a rabid Conservative, he used to go by the name Foster Brooks, was a semi-celebrity in the Hollywood circuit, and he had a severe drinking problem!
We have this clip of Mr Bozell while he was still drinking, just so you know who, and what, we are dealing with!

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