Talk about yer Naked News ………. WE are supposed to have the nudity, not the subjects, but apparently nobody told this crowd!!!!
A man has played an interesting game of peek-a-boo after flashing his nether region midway through a couple’s wedding.
As a wedding hymn plays the brazen man can be seen flinging open shutters as he stands tall and proud with his crown jewels on show.
Here comes the … naked man to ruin your wedding. Source: YouTube
The congregation stares in shocked silence, before the bride is heard whispering, “Oh my god. Get him out. Turn around. Please get him out.”
The man obligingly closes the shutters, before appearing again for his final encore.
Naked man in all his glory shocks congregation. Source:YouTube
A well-built man can then be soon moving towards the uninvited guest who quickly closes the shutters to make his getaway.
P.S. Sorry about the blurred picture, but the cameraman was too busy laughing!