Thank God the election is over down south of the border, now we can get back to looking after our Canajun stuff without all the distractions.
On a final note, I had the Perspective Research Department and the Naked News Staff do a bit of digging on how the Americans could improve their method of voting, since this electoral votes system is the shits!
As we mentioned a few days ago, a third party (Libertarian?) is needed, but until such a time as this comes to pass we have come up with the best possible temporary fix!
From now on, whoever wins the election gets to be President, no big surprise here …………, but the runner up becomes THE VICE PRESIDENT!
No fuss, no bother, it’s all inclusive ……., and who knows, maybe the son’s-a-bitches will get along better!
The way I see it, anyway!
Your “always willing to compromise” reporter;
Allan W Janssen
P.S. I’m glad to see that Donald Trump showed himself to be the bigoted, ignorant, pin headed, sore loser that he really is last night!
Instead of accepting defeat gracefully, he threw a fit like some spoiled rotten 10 year old kid ……………. which he is, actually!
Goes to show that the true measure of a man comes about thru adversity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Trump doesn’t make the grade by a long shot!