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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Known to Police!

untitledDear Readers;
Just like the very rich …………. and people who live at Wal-Mart, these mug shot of criminals going thru the justice system prove that the typical bad guy, (or girl) is not like you and me kid!
Oh, I know that anyone can get into an occasional scrape with the law, I even had a few alcohol related occurrences myself during my wild youthful days, but these fine specimens are what we refer to as “known to police!”
Talk about “profiling” someone!

I guess my point is that these people, with very few exceptions, are not the sort that you would live next door to, unless, of course, ya lived next to a crack house!
P.S. These are American mug shots. If they were Canadian we would have a bunch of Indians in here too.
(Please don’t tell me that was a racist statement, ‘it’s just the facts, ma’am!’ 20% of all inmates in this country are Native American!)