With the exception of John Kennedy and Bill Clinton, your humble reporter has always been unhappy with the candidates and platforms of the main presidential candidates during the last half century!
The main reason for this is because I have always espoused the political middle, and try to stay away from any sort of extreme left wing or right wing bullshit!
We here at the Perspective Research Department have always been of the opinion that a third party is sorely needed in the political machine south of the border …………. and the sooner, the better!
(And just so things are perfectly clear ……., we are not talking about something like the Green Party here folks! I’m talking about an all purpose, right down the middle party!)
I sent some of the Naked News staff on a fact finding mission over the last few days, and discovered there is a whole host of candidates who would have made better Presidents than the folks Americans ended up with!
John Anderson, Ron Paul and Ross Perot spring immediately to mind, while Ralph Nader would also have been a semi-serious candidate.
Even John McCain would have made an excellent third party candidate ……., if he could have gotten rid of what’s her name, and all the far right assholes!
(Oh, there were a bunch of kooks and radicals too, but we tend to dismiss people like Lester Maddox,  Pat Robertson, Roseanne Barr, George Wallace, Eldridge Cleaver and Dick Gregory as mere window dressing, or to put it more succinctly, the lunatic fringe!)
Let’s face it folks, two parties is just not enough choice. The United States needs a  three way race to bring everybody back into the middle ………… then whoever has the best platform will win!
The way I see it anyway!