You might have watched the TV show ’1000 ways to die’ at some time or other, so I had the Perspective research Department look up some other ways to pull the plug!
So how exactly do you plan to die? While nobody is taking a dirt nap for a while (or so we hope) there were some people in 2012 who met the maker probably earlier than expected. As death is seen in blockbuster movies and shared on the pages of novels, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Bad guys are usually taken out by the good guys in feature films, but in life it could be a toilet that helps end a life.
In the movies death is always exacerbated to make the scene a climatic point. While some fans love watching how people find their last breath few would think that death would be found by choking on a cockroach or hanging out to sing at a karaoke restaurant. Well, in 2012, there were some bizarre ways that people took their last breath and even the movies couldn’t have shared the unique perspective.
Next time someone suggests that it is easy being a farmer, consider the source. At a Maryland dairy farm in May three people accidentally died in a mature pit after falling in and ultimately asphyxiating. This sad story of drowning in cow piles is part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series. The three family members died a tragic death; as the father and his two sons somehow slipped in the manure pit and became trapped unable to free their bodies from the rotating blades used in the country setting.
In the movies, sometimes people are shown falling into a pool of mud. In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the professor tries to escape from Soviet soldiers and ends up having to grab a snake to be pulled to safety, but that was quick sand. So far, no movies have depicted such a graphic image of death in a manure pit.
Glenn W. Nolt, 48, and his sons, Kelvin, 18, and Cleason, 14 apparently slid into the manure pit that was 20 feet deep and had very steep sides of the pit. While nobody knows for certain how the three ended up dead, the assumption is that one man fell in and the others were killed trying to rescue the person.
Bigfoot sightings have been going on for generations. With the hope to find Bigfoot, many watch to see if the legendary creature exists. Believe it or not, there are over a dozen movies on the fictional sightings of Bigfoot with the best known film called Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot. In the 1977 film scientists support an outing to find a Bigfoot creature. The thriller might have even influenced Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, Montana who is part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series. He wore a Bigfoot costume and was killed on a local highway after a driver hit him on the road in August.
Police found that the chance to have a Bigfoot sighting was a deadly idea after he somehow found his way to the middle of the road. The young driver who hit the man first said there was no way to avoid the collision. Not expecting to die in such a weird way, the man didn’t even share his joke with his pals so everyone was perplexed on his decision to create such an elaborate sighting.
One of the most eye opening movies about fast food has to be the film Fast Food Nation. Sharing the health risks of eating fast food, the film focuses on the consequences of the process. While the movie is one of several films America has seen on food process, nobody can fully understand the implications of being killed in an oven cooked like a can of tuna. Definitely the oddest way to die in the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series, it’s a scary idea to be cooked alive.
Jose Melena, 62, a Bumble Bee seafood worker was killed in an oven in October after he got trapped inside and was cooked to death. Somehow the worker was inside the oven when an industrial accident took place. The ovens are part of the canned product process where the items are loaded and removed by a human during a routine process. Somehow the man was left inside and someone started the oven.
The medical personal arrived at the scene of the facility in Santa Fe Springs, California but was unable to revive the worker.
Karaoke scenes in the movies sometimes make the moment. Remember when Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan sang together in When Harry Met Sally? Or when Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding sang I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself? Well not all karaoke performances end up with a picture perfect moment and that’s why this moment is featured in the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series. In the Chinese city of Xi’an a four year old boy caused such an issue with a karaoke microphone that his two uncles ended up being killed over his time with the microphone.
According to the Xi’an police the two uncles were upset the kid kept the microphone so they couldn’t sing. Giving the parents a tough time about the child an argument began. Another family member, a nephew of the parents left the area briefly and came back with a cleaver. With a very strong arm, the man hacked the two loud uncles at least 10 times each with the knife, killing them.
Apparently the four-year-old child and his parents were unharmed; however the incident definitely had people intrigued on how a simple microphone could cause such a heated debate. In Asia there appears to be a very strong social connection to Karaoke and these days it’s cool to sing off-key, just make sure to give up the microphone when it is someone else’s turn.
The fictional character of Sweeney Todd was put into a contemporary setting in 2012. Three people in Brazil allegedly lured people to their homes by promises of employment to kill and make pies out of their flesh. The recipients of these baked goods? Well, the street vendors sold the goods to people in the city of Pernambuco, Brazil for dinner. A very shocking reality for several people who were killed for the filling. The next bite for some baked good buyers was the taste of human flesh. The gruesome pies are a perfect inclusion in our 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series.
In October Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, 50, his wife Isabel Pires Negromonte, 51, and Bruna da Silva, 25 were all charged for their involvement in human pie making. The very unusual (and highly illegal practice) probably had the folks in Brazil already grossed out, but the daughter of Bruna de Silva, who was only five, was fed the pies as well as a “purification” process.
While Sweeney Todd technically never baked the pies in the fictional tales (that job was left for Mrs. Lovett who owned the pie shop) the tale of his actions has always been alarming for humans. To find someone who actually used the same idea in 2012 is disturbing to say the least.
In Hollywood, hair extensions are seen more often than not. With stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson rocking full hair that has plenty of bounce, many people would love to have the volume of hair like a celebrity. Putting together a lavish hairstyle might be beautiful to look at, but then again it might kill someone so it is part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series. In February, Atasha Graham, 34, was presumably killed by anaphylactic shock thanks to the glue used on her hair extensions.
The woman had just come from the hairstylist with new hair extensions and went to the club to party. Unfortunately she collapsed on the dance floor and died. According to the doctor at a hearing at Southwark Coroner’s Court in London, the woman likely had a reaction to the latex used in her hair causing a massive allergic response.
While the reaction is rare for people who use hair products, the scalp does absorb chemicals placed on hair follicles quicker than other parts of the body. Giving a more immediate and sometimes a quicker reaction, it does occasionally contribute to death when people are allergic to the latex or glue used.
Beans really can kill and unfortunately one man was killed in 2012 when got stuck under a big pile. Beans have always been a very interesting part of the movie business. While some might think that beans are just for eating, there are fans who track every time the word “beans” is used in a film. What’s the most famous dialog about beans in a movie? Well that would be in Steel Magnolia with the line of dialog that shares the love of beans. “Drum loves pork and beans. He eats them with everything.”
However, beans aren’t always friendly in the real world. Left unsoaked and uncooked, pinto beans could kill and that’s why it’s included in the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012. Unfortunately a man suffocated in Colorado after being buried under 20-feet of pinto beans in March. The man apparently fell into the bean pile and was sucked to the bottom with the weight of the beans pushing down on him.
While four people along with emergency crews put effort into finding Raymond Segura Jr., by the time 56-year-old man was located close to the bottom of the pile, he was dead. A long time employee of the Kelley Bean Company, it wasn’t clear how the man became trapped.
The escalator at the Long Island Rail Road station killed an elderly woman in 2012 after she got clothing stuck escalator’s treads, fell and asphyxiated. The accident was one of several in the world that involved the moving staircases. Sometimes the machines become a hazard and that is why it’s part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series.
The amazing escalator is definitely delightful at malls. With hand full of items and hoping to avoid the stairs, the moving staircase moves people up and down by simply stepping aboard. While the ride is meant to accommodating, over the years there have been reports of injuries.
While the moving staircases definitely were not helpful to the woman, 88-year-old Irene Bernatzky, was crushed when her clothing became tangled in the machine as she was unable to dislodge the items. Looking to get assistance, it appeared she got help too late as the clothing tangled the person causing a chain reaction before the escalators could be stopped. The accident in March seemed uncharacteristic for the location as it was inspected regularly
Coca-Cola is a proud sponsor of the London Olympics, American Idol and many other sporting events around the world. The familiar logo of the soda has fans just thinking about a bubbling glass of ice cold pop. While life should be balanced, it appears that one woman died because she drank too much Coca-Cola in 2012. Part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series, it is a big reminder that moderation in all aspects of life is important.
Natasha Harris, a 30-year-old mother, had a heart attack in April. Known to start her day off with a can of Coca-Cola and end it the very same way, the woman drank over two gallons of the soda every day. Along with smoking roughly 30 cigarettes a day, the coroner’s office reviewed the findings of several doctors who suggested the excessive intact of soda would have largely contributed to the death of the woman.
While most people know better than to drink gallons of pop, it is now very obvious what might happen if this wise decision was ultimately ignored.
There are plenty of odd horror movies where people slashed, but few fantasize this absurd behavior outside of watching it in a movie theater. Unfortunately a Chinese university student wasn’t as lucky as the man was cut up and then mailed to people around Canada. The bizarre behavior actually had the man’s body parts sent to Canadian politicians and schools and the story is included in the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series as one of the oddest ways to die.
The 33-year-old student, Jun Lin, was studying in Montreal’s Concordia University when he somehow met an alleged killer. The man, Luka Magnotta, allegedly killed Lin on video and then dismembered the victim. Allegedly mailing different body parts to people, the majority of Lin’s remains were found in a park close to the alleged murder.
While Luka Magnotta fled the country, he ultimately was apprehended and returned to Canada for prosecution. The July killing took quite a bit of time for the authorities to piece together. Not only did the remains need to be connected, so did the connection between the killer and his victim.
In death there are some places people just don’t want to be found. One of those places no doubt is sitting on a toilet. Unfortunately for one man that’s exactly where he was found five days later after having a heart attack that killed him in January. After excusing himself from the Cinemark movie theater, the man apparently used the restroom and never returned. One of the most bizarre ways to die, his story is part of our 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series.
Apparently, George DeGrazio, 66, died in the bathroom as he had a massive heart attack. The man wasn’t able to get help and ended up being reported as missing by the family. Five days later a smell came from the small facility and the stall was opened only to find the missing man dead. While the situation is sad enough with the man having a heart attack, the location of his health issue definitely had people even further perplexed
While Lindsay Lohan had her share of toilet trouble in 2012 (she clogged it according the producers of Scary Movie 5 causing massive filming problems,) it’s the embarrassing moments near the porcelain thrones can make anyone giggle for the wrong reasons.
A Florida man became sick after eating live cockroaches for a contest and suddenly dies. The story is one true tale and is part of the 12 bizarre deaths of 2012 series. The contestant gathered with a group of individuals who ate dozens of insects that included worms and cockroaches for a grand prize of a python snake. The contest, held at a pet store in October, had several participants wanting to win the snake. Apparently one of the pests was stuck in a contestant’s throat after the competition and he died.
Edward Archbold, 32, of West Palm, Florida Beach was the only individual who became ill after eating cockroaches and worms during an eating contest. While the man signed a liability waiver and knew the risks, those folks who heard about his death were still pretty upset as the image isn’t pleasant.
Truth be told, the pests that Archbold ate were raised pests in a controlled environment. As most individuals think about roaches that wander the great outdoors, these pests were raised for other animals at pet stores to eat.
One of the only reported deaths after eating a cockroach in 2012, perhaps the moral of the story is to buy the python and squish the roaches. Or maybe just steer clear of untraditional contests.
Looking back over the year, it was a handful of oddities that targeted a dozen people. While there isn’t any pleasure gained by reading about a person who is dead, the ways of demise is fascinating. Who would have thought that someone would die dressed in a costume as Bigfoot and gets killed on the road by a speeding car? Nobody and that’s why the interest around these deaths are so intriguing.