We Canadians often take a conceited view of ourselves as being smarter than the Americans, but I’m starting to think there might be more to this than meets the eye!
That might not be a nice thing to say, (Another Canadian trait!) but how else can ya explain why almost 50% of Americans voted Republican during the last election when it was against their own best interest!
This quote from a U.S. paper puts the whole thing into “Perspective!”
House Republicans are privately contemplating a quiet surrender in the fight over Bush tax rate cuts for top earners, and a quick pivot to a new fight over raising the debt limit, in which they’d demand steep cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best examples of cutting off your nose to spite your face that I have ever seen!
The Republicans have sold “The American Dream” to such and extent that even people who will never achieve it, are buying in!
Everyone down there is waiting for their ship to come in, while the canoe they are riding in is slowly sinking!
And just who are these people you ask?
Mostly poor, white, southern, wannabe’s ……………, at the lower end of the middle-class, and the short end of the stick!
These are precisely the type of people who can’t afford to have their social security and medicare cut further!
Your ‘telling it like it is” reporter;
Allan W Janssen