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When the Perspective Naked News Department gave me this ‘tid-bit’ I just couldn’t resist folks.

The whole thing is a hoot, but especially the part I have highlighted!
Britney Spears isn’t quite feeling the family love this time of year.
The X Factor judge, who filed for divorce from ex Kevin Federline back in 2006, is now being called a “maniac” by her former brother-in-law Christopher.
According to Radar Online, Christopher filed court papers Dec. 18 seeking a restraining order on the iconic pop singer, claiming that his brother’s ex had, among other things, stolen his credit card, made fun of his manhood, and threatened to go public with the fact that he is the real father of Spears’ oldest son, Sean Preston.
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In the papers, Christopher claims that Spears pocketed his Capital One credit card after finding it on Federline’s coffee table while swinging by to pick up Sean Preston and Jayden James.
Spears, 31, then allegedly used his credit card to buy $4,569.02 worth of Archie and Betty Boop comics, as well as issues of Mad Magazine for the boys.
“I called the owner of Comic Conquerors, Charles Nunez who told me that Britney Spears is a longtime customer … and Nunex told me he will not give me a refund,” he wrote in the complaint.
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When he reached out to Spears to dispute the charges, she “laughed at me and told me my brother Kevin ruined her life,” She “told me I have a small penis, she also blackmailed me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin, Christopher added.

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Though Federline’s brother claimed to have slept with Spears, he said that he sought a restraining order from the singer because “the public does not need to know.”
In a follow-up filing two days later, a judge dismissed the case.
Reps for both Spears and the Federline family have not commented on the documents or court case.
This article originally appeared on Kevin Federline’s Brother Christopher: “I Am the True Father” of Britney Spears’ Son Sean Preston

NOTE: The REALLY crazy thing about this whole train wreck is that this broad makes about a half a million bucks a month!
Life ain’t fair kids!