Let’s say ya go out a buy a electric car ………………………, and then find out you can only plug it in at home!

Kind of limits yer range, doesn’t it?

Looks like we might have the same type of problem with our F-35′s.

Don’t worry kids, the solution the government came up with would be having someone with spare batteries driving along beside you!

By Lee Berthiaume, Postmedia News

OTTAWA — The Canadian military has decided it will rely on the U.S., other allies and private companies for air-to-air refuelling if the government purchases the F-35 because the stealth fighters aren’t compatible with Canada’s current refuelling aircraft.
The revelation is buried in an explosive report released last week and means the Canadian military would be reliant on third parties to realize the full benefits of its F-35s — a situation opposition critics and analysts say is completely unacceptable.
“I’m shocked,” said former defence department military procurement chief Alan Williams.
“At the end of the day, we want to provide our men and women in uniform the ability to do the job. And certainly eliminating that flexibility to be able to refuel when we want with our own assets is a very limiting factor.”
NDP military procurement critic Matthew Kellway said one of the knocks on the F-35 has always been its short range and perceived lack of suitability for sovereignty patrols and air interception in a country as vast as Canada.
“Magically stealthy, and yet we can’t gas it up,” he said. “(Going) without sovereign refueling capacity is to forgo any pretence at defence of sovereignty.”
(Air-to-air refueling is considered to be of critical importance to Canada’s military aircraft given the country’s massive size, particularly when it comes to conducting sovereignty missions in the North. -Ed.)