The Parti Quebecois says the latest report from the Office Quebecoise de la Langue Française validates its plan to crack down on the language of the Province.
“We seem to be sliding when it comes to English and bilingualism,” says Diane De Courcy, the minister responsible for the Charter of the French language.
Today’s study says that while French has made great gains since the 1970s, its use has experienced a slight decline since 1989.
The report notes that the presence of French is weakest in certain area’s: education, IT, scientific research, the train and airline sectors, finance and insurance, retail, and in and around Westmount.
new Bill 101 coming soon
De Courcy says she will deal with the phenomenon in new legislation, likely to be tabled next week.
“It’s very clear that language will be dealt with in this bill,” she says.
The bill’s contents are not yet public, but the PQ had promised during the election campaign to impose bill 101 on small people everywhere.
According to the Naked News Department, the P.Q. is going to pay homage to its past, and Mr Levesque, by legalizing smoking anywhere and everywhere in the Province, and outlawing the use of English anywhere and everywhere in the Province!
The Nationalists have not said too much yet, since they are all too busy coughing and choking from the cigarette smoke!
We will clear the air in this subject once the air clears!