Your humble author finds that around Christmas time the number of spam letters and junk E-mail we receive increases exponentially as we get closer to the big day.
(I am now getting over a hundred individual pieces of crap a day, and seem to remember writing about this around the same time last year!)
Well fear not, boys and girls, your  hard working members of the Perspective Research Department, along with the staff of the Naked News Department, have come across a computer program that could solve the “spam” problem for all time!
As of today, when we receive an E-mail, the program determines if it is spam or not, and if it is…….., a coded message is sent back to the originating computer which makes that machine blow up!
Well, maybe not exactly ‘blow up,’ but it does cause the innards of the offending hardware to short circuit and melt down, so that they can NEVER send out unwanted E=mails again.
So far it’s worked perfectly, and we will let you know how to instal it yourself, as soon as I can get a patent put on it!
Your “always helpful” reporter;
Allan W Janssen