The Perspective Naked News Department, citing unnamed sources, reported that Jacintha Saldanha, the woman who was on the switchboard when the two radio DJ’s phoned to talk to Princess Katherine, has killed herself. Scotland Yard said that the death was being treated “as unexplained.”
Now some people in Australia are yapping about having them charged with manslaughter, or even murder!
Look folks, the only thing the DJ’s did …………………, is do what DJ’s do!
They placed a crank call to a hospital in England and fully expected to get hung up on.
Instead the woman was naive enough to put the call through to Katherine’s’ room, and that nurse was silly enough to give out information to someone who was obviously NOT The Queen!
I can only congratulate the DJ’s for their resourcefulness! To suggest that they were in any way responsible, is a crock of shit!
If the woman killed herself you can bet you last dollar that other issues are involved.
Let’s get things back into Perspective here, folks!
(God I like that word!)
Your “Let’s get things back into Perspective” reporter;
Allan W Janssen