Since I own my own small company and work for myself, I have the dubious pleasure of sitting in front of the computer in my housecoat from time to time, instead of putting on a suit and driving an hour or more to work! (I sell solar systems under the Ontario Governments ‘FIT’ program, and also have solar systems designed to take your house completely off the grid!)
Since it is a small two man operation (plus a part-time administrative assistant) you can call us the original “Two and a half men!
Being such a small outfit we have to do a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be an issue in a larger company, like designing our own letterheads, forms, promotional material, sales brochures, etc. etc.
The reason I am telling you this is because this morning saw me re-designing a new receipt form that incorporates how much the customer paid, what the original price of the system was, what is still owing, and so on!
After I was finished, I saved the work and then sat there in front of the desktop looking for the form amongst all the other icons on the screen.
Wouldn’t ya know it, just at that moment ‘The Mrs. Herself’ walks in and says: “Since you’re just sitting there daydreaming all morning, why don’t you move over and let me check my e-mail!”
Now I don’t mind being accused of daydreaming boys and girls, but to walk in during my “TA -DAAAA” moment right after I finished an assignment, and accuse me of being a lay-about is more that cruel, it’s downright nasty!
The only problem is that no amount of explanation would help my case ……………………….,  as far as she is concerned!