Your trustworthy and loyal reporter doesn’t normally take personal pot-shots at people unless they really deserve it………………………….., so!

OTTAWA—A First Nations leader who has vowed to go without solid food until she meets with the prime minister and Governor General in the same room said in a television interview aired Sunday that a scathing audit of her band’s financial records was part of a “witch hunt.”
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence also said she would not give up her liquid diet despite growing calls for her to do so as she defended criticism of her fast, her demands of the government and her band’s finances.
The audit found that going back to April 1, 2005, the band council didn’t properly prepare budgets or keep minutes to support band council resolutions. About 80 per cent of the transactions analyzed — many of which took place before Spence became chief in 2010 — didn’t have proper documentation to support spending of about $104 million in funding provided to Attawapiskat during that time.
Spence said on the political talk show that she told officials the band would comply with all recommendations in the report, but told officials, “We don’t want you to use this against us. We want to have a better working relationship.”
Days before Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Assembly of First Nations (AFN) chiefs, the department posted the audit on its website and argued the decision to do so was not politically motivated.
Spence questioned the findings of the review, saying auditors were in Attawapiskat for 10 days and rejected a request for a larger, forensic audit of the band’s finances.
“There were documents in the warehouse which they didn’t even go and look at,” Spence said. “It was a witch hunt.”

YES, boys and girls.
It’s a witch hunt alright!
And guess who’s the witch?
  • Cynthia M Rice· Top Commenter
    We have to remember as Canadians, who is leading the witch hunt……please don’t believe everything the media puts into print…..they are not held up to a law that says they can only print the truth, unbiased or twisted facts. The fact is, is that they print what the government tells them to print about our national issues and as good little sheep we believe it, because why would media or government ever lie to us? Just by looking at the area in pictures etc, we can see there are obviously some very major problems there. If its by mis-spending of the allotted government funds…..lets find out and fix it, if its governments mishandling of the Indian Act, then lets see that it gets fixed across Canada. When the government takes away our rights to natural resourses it will affect us all, no matter if your FN or not. Look deeper and research the issues first before making crude comments etc. This issue is serious and I’m sure that if it included your family members living the way they do… sure as hell be out there trying to get someone to listen and help to support and get things changed? Sitting behind the faceless keyboard means nothing really.
  • Mikey Mcmahon
    Hazen better ask for a recount his nmbs are off by tens of thoussands not counting the 9 mill in the stock portfolio..The people of Canada are a bunch of shmucks to let these people have their way..Any politician who backs them should b in gaol along with the “”"”Native”"”"”indians.
  • Rod Hazen · Thom Collegiate
    Let’s put this in perspective, there are 1549 people living on the reserve. The audit is over 7 years which equals $14,857,142.86 per year. If you divide that up by the number of people living on the reserve that is only $9591.44 per person which is well below poverty.
    • Luke Charbonneau · Top Commenter · Timmins, Ontario
      I guess that you do not read much eh? The audit covers 2005 to 2011 and the total exceeded 104,000,000.00. Using your population numbers, that gives everyone 11,190.00 per person (including Chief and council above their wages). EVERY man, woman, and child. How many children do you know of that make this amount?? Now let’s add in another number here and that is the amount provided this community from De Beers which equals over 350,000,000.00 for the same time period. The new breakdown is 48,848.00 per inhabitant. All that money is tax free which means to you and I, it equates to 97,697.00 per person. Therefore a family of four (and we all know that there are not too many families of only four there), it works out to 390,789.00 per family. Still think that they are below poverty level now?? Do your homework!