Dear Readers;
This article is here to remind Maritimers what winter means down East, and B.C. natives to get all smug about their weather!
Meanwhile, parts of Southern Ontario are without power today because of gale force winds and blowing snow!
Welcome to Canada!


Thousands of Newfoundlanders are still without electricity after a massive snowstorm paralyzed the province Friday.
Newfoundland Power said Saturday it was working hard to restore electricity to approximately 4,200 residents in the St. John’s area and to about 2,500 people in the Avalon Peninsula.
NL Power said a loss of supply at a Holyrood generating station caused the widespread outage that affected approximately 75,000 people in those areas Friday.
The storm, one of the worst in recent memory, started Thursday afternoon and dumped nearly 50 cm of snow in St. John’s by noon Friday.
“Airfield closure has been extended to midnight (Saturday) as we continue to recover from the blizzard,” a note on St. John’s International Airport said Saturday morning. “There is an incredible amount of snow and it’s heavy.”

Meanwhile, people in St. John’s are dancing around trying to keep warm!