The Perspective Research Department, along with the Perspective Naked News Staff, have discovered that Chief Theresa Spence was not on a hunger strike after all.
We placed a few reporters outside her tent last night folks, and after listened in on her conversations ………………………….., guess what, kids?
Theresa Spence was NEVER on a hunger strike!
This woman has been fasting and on a diet for the past few weeks because she was fed up with everyone calling her a “fat old broad,” and “fat squaw!”
(Seems Chief Spence was actually getting in shape for her annual trip to Florida on our dime, and just wanted to shed a few pounds, boys and girls.)
We here at  apologize for insinuating that she was on a hunger strike, and hope this sets the record straight!
Your “just the facts, ma’am” reporter;
Allan W Janssen
(By the way, this woman at the right is Eloise,  part of our Naked News staff, and not a picture, as many people thought,  of Chief Spence. We would never attempt to embarrass her like that!)