The only thing to do with the Indians here in Canada is “kick ‘em to the curb!”
We spend 8 BILLION dollars a year for these people, and that works out to about $15,000 dollars a year for each eligible person.
On top of that ,they get free stuff, and cheap stuff, and special stuff, that none of us white people ever see!
Now the latest news.
Manitoba First Nations chiefs said Friday they want another meeting with the Prime Minister and the Governor General on Jan. 24 on a “nation to nation” basis, echoing the demands of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, who is still on a protest fast.

First of all, I saw this woman on TV last night, and believe me folks, this broad ain’t stravin’!
On a diet to get rid of a lot of extra weight…………… maybe!
Starvin’………, NO!
Second, they don’t realize “The Queen” has nothing to do with them?
The Governor General is a figurehead of the Queen, who is also a figurehead of an old, and defunct, political system.
In other words kids, they ain’t gonna get any money out of the Queen unless she cuts them a personal cheque!
But then again, these radicals are too fucking stupid to realize that!
THE POINT I’M TRYING TO MAKE IS THIS , FOLKS, Indians are just one of a group of people that have a bad public relations problem.
Arabs get painted with an extremist brush because of Islamic Fundamentalists, Indians are considered lazy and shifty because of certain members of their society, blacks are dangerous because of all the “gangsta’” crap that’s going around, and South Americans are all drug runners because of the cartels!
Not true for the majority, BUT, it’s up to each ethnic group to try and present a good image of themselves to the public.
e.g. Orientals are smart and hard working, Jews are clever and have a lot of business sense, Germans are hard and tough, Brits are stubborn and rough, and the French are the world’s best complainers!