I am just going to print the solutions to World wide problems here on this blog under the heading; “IF I RULED THE WORLD.” and you can take my suggestions……, OR NOT!
We, meaning the Perspective Research Department, the Naked News staff, and myself, have done extensive analysis of major and minor problems on this planet,  and have developed a comprehensive and attainable plan of action on each and every one of them.
Take the advice, or don’t!
That’s up to you!
Here they are, starting with a subject very much in the news today;
This is another Islamic Extremist uprising, and nothing will fix it except the eradication of the extremists.
Since these guys want to go to Paradise for their cause, it behooves the West to accommodate them.  Nothing short of a one way ticket to the afterlife will shut these people up, so a united front is needed by civilized society to solve this problem.
Just so there is no mistake, I am talking about eradicating them, not putting them in jail.  That only makes them a continuing problem.
(That was our mistake in Afghanistan. They are so fanatical that nothing will deter them from their search for Nirvana.)
TOMORROW; The first step to solving the Middle East problem.