Look kids, to be the ruler of the entire world does not have to involve life or death decisions all the time.

The small things count too!

Life or dearth decisions are one thing, but it’s the everyday stuff that drives ya NUTS that’s important!

FOR EXAMPLE: Toothpaste

Yea, that stuff in a tube, that ends up looking like this after a while! –>

Doesn’t have to be that way folks!


They get all bent and horrible, plus ya can never get any toothpaste out without rolling up the ends.

Matter of fact, 97% of all toothpaste sold is put in these stupid tubes.  –>

Well boys and girls, your happy reporter is going to put an end to this aggravation!

From now on only toothpaste tubes that stand upright will be for sale on the toothpaste market.

That’s right, only the one’s that and let the toothpaste flow to the bottom by gravity will be allowed!

No more tubes that look all diseased and crippled need grace your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Just upright little soldiers who stand at attention, and never sag or slouch or crumple up in a heap.

No more squeezing the tube in the middle and then cursing when nothing comes out!

 YES, ladies and gentlemen, a new age of oral hygiene is upon us!