Your errant reporter, meanwhile, has been around the block more times than I would care to admit, and I thought I had heard it all until this morning.

That’s why I was shocked and surprised as hell when I heard a comment some hillbilly made about a picture of a very pretty and well known woman in the comments section of a popular blog.

It was one of the most asinine and crude comments I’ve ever read on any site, and that’s coming from a man who still thinks he’s seen it all.

Anyway, I digress……………., this yokel, from God knows where, when looking at a picture of this sweet woman, thought that making a comment like; “I’d pee in her butt” was the crowning achievement of the English language and the only true way to say “I love you.”

The reason I brought this whole thing up was because I agree with my wife in one aspect, kids.

I like to think that people are sort of like you and me!

You know, normal for the most part!

But when I hear stuff like, “I’d pee in her butt,” it’s a quick reminder that I’d better get back to reality!

In a hurry.