I don’t know where people get information about you here on the Internet, but it seems “The Mrs. Herself” has the right idea about disclosing any facts about her personal life.
She doesn’t!
Matter of fact, she won’t even allow me to use her first name, so I just have to call her “The Mrs. Herself!”
(This has worked out well for her, because she maintains an anonymity that I can only admire!)
I, on the other hand, have this blog……….., and another site called Allan’s Perspective. Plus I have published a book about what’s wrong with religion, and write letters to the editor, etc. etc.,  so any information about your humble reporter is out there for all to see!
Just the same, people seems to know stuff about me that they shouldn’t.
For example!
Several years ago I needed a new hip because of an old injury, and while waiting for a replacement I was crippled and idle for quite some time, which led to a weight gain of about 50 pounds, on top of a body that was not the slimmest in the world to begin with!
So, we have now established that I am presently overweight, and would like to lose the extra baggage.
That’s all fine and good kids, except I don’t advertise the fact, and therefore can’t figure out why about 50% of the e-mail I get concerns getting rid of that extra flab!!!!!
How do they know?
Why would they care?
And why do they keep bothering me?
Your “obviously overweight” buddy
Allan W.  Janssen