Lots of song written about Mondays, now a few stories!
KENORA, ONT. – Beware the man with a bad case of road rage and a hydraulic back-hoe at his disposal.
At about 7 a.m. this morning, several cars were damaged — including a police cruiser — when a Kenora man allegedly lashed out at his fellow motorists with the bucket of a mini-excavator he was driving.
According to a witness, the driver, who has not bet been identified pending charges, was holding up traffic and began swinging the bucket at the drivers lined up behind him after one woman got out of her van to yell at him.
“She slipped and fell, and she was lucky she did because he swung the bucket toward her,” said Sovannaroth Yik, one of the drivers behind the excavator.
“She jumped into her van and drove past him and he started going after the van beside me. I couldn’t back up because there was bunch of vehicles behind me and I couldn’t turn around so I try going forward.
A judge declared a mistrial in a  courtroom last Friday when an alleged assault victim’s prosthetic eye popped out while he was testifying and startled jurors.
John Huttick, 48, was sitting on the witness stand crying about the loss of his left eye that happened when he allegedly tried to break up a bar fight in August 2011, when the fake eye popped out and he caught it in his hand.
untitledThe jurors gasped.
Matthew Brunelli, 23, is alleged to have punched Huttick in the eye with a car key between his fingers.
Defence lawyer Eileen Hurley alleges Brunelli didn’t use a weapon and was acting in self-defence.
Hurley demanded a mistrial in the aggravated-assault case as she said the eye-popping accident could have caused the jury to have “undue sympathy” for the alleged victim and “undue prejudice” against the accused, the Inquirer reported.
A new trial was set for March 4. (Huttick says he will deep an eye out for it!!!!!!)