Every day when I wake up it is during another period of my life ………….., and I spend the day doing the stuff I did when I was that age.
- Sometimes I wake up and I’m in my 20′s and once again a disc jockey on the radio.
- Lots of times I’m in my thirties and a new father.
- Sometimes I’m in my forties, and a respectable businessman in my community.
- Other times I wake up and I’m in my late forties during a disillusioned, booze filled episode.
- Then I might wake up and be in my fifties, and and finally enjoying a bit of contentment in my life!
- Well, today I woke up and I’m slowly approaching old age with it’s accompanying aches and pains, faltering eyesight, failing memory, and the fact of my own mortality growing ever nearer!
————–>    God, I wish it was a different day!