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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Give Me a Break Folks!

Dear Readers:

Your perplexed reporter has a dilemma I can't seem to solve!

I can't make up my mind whether I hate and despise the Far Left or the Far right more!

You might think it's funny kids, but believe me , it's driving me NUTS!

I was just watching MSNBC to help get some of the bullshit I had absorbed from Fox News off me, when I heard something there as bad as anything coming out of Fox News in the past few months!

There was a whole panel of left wing zealots discussing how hard done by North America's Native community was for putting up with names like the "Cleveland Indians," "Atlanta Braves" and "Washington Red Skins!"

(And if that wasn't enough ............., some asshole suggested that the term "REDSKINS" referred to the time the government was offering a fifty dollar bounty for each Indian scalp that settlers brought in!)

Look kids, a couple of centuries ago there was the white man and the red man, the same as there were brown men, black men, and yellow men. 

The "redskins" were the "red men,' period!

Don't you dare give me that shit about scalps and bounties to add weight to your flawed argument because that is one of the most idiotic and statements I have ever heard!

Even from a!