I hadn’t intended to write anymore today since I already did the Sunday Morning Funnies to give everyone a chuckle, and then the Sunday Religious article to show what insanities people do in the name of their favourite Deity, but since then a bunch of left wing loonies have made my further participation necessary!
First: Why is everyone getting upset that Nigel Wright bailed out Mike Duffy to the tune of ninety thousand bucks. Look folks, he paid it out of his own pocket, so it is really nobody's business, and anyone that says different is full of shit and just trying to make political hay!
And why Wright quit today is even further beyond me,  since, as we said, this is strictly a private matter!
Second: I could hardly believe my ears, but some left wing loonies like Author Margaret Atwood, Green Party leader Elizabeth May and actor Gordon Pinsent are among those behind an online petition to rename the public holiday, which is celebrated on Monday, as “Victoria and First Peoples Day.”
Once more……………………………….: “Victoria and First Peoples Day!”
Folks, I don’t know if these people are NUTS for suggesting it, or I’m NUTS for questioning it, but I’ll tell ya one thing bunky!