As I keep saying folks, everybody is crazy, except me and you ………….., and sometimes I’m not so sure about you!

I ran across a few things this morning that convinces me most people are, if not nuts, at least have something seriously wrong with them!

First, this letter to the editor in our local paper:

Science is not the answer.
C.E. Gawlik’s letter Faith Must Be Fact Based is an oxymoron.
Science is no more “backed by irrefutable proof” than the existence and acceptance of God is.
What scientific facts prove that stars are billion of light-years away?
Or, how does one factually validate love, joy and peace?
As for making choices “upheld by fact and truth,” Pontius Pilate  asked Jesus “What is truth?” and then crucified him!
By faith, not by fact do i believe Jesus when he said: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me!”
Proof is unnecessary!
Ya see folks, this broad almost had me right until the end………….then that last line completely blew it all out of the water: :”Proof is unnecessary!

That, to me, is the same as someone saying: “To hell with the facts, I know what I saw!”

The second thing that made me sit up and take notice today was an article about those conspiracy theorist nuts who now say: (Get this!)

By Thane Burnett, QMI Agency
First came the tornado.
Now comes the falling debris of crazy.
Soon after a devastating twister struck Moore, Okla., on Monday, the community banded together to rebuild broken buildings, mend shattered lives and bury at least 24 dead.
Against the backdrop of this difficult work, Internet conspiracy theorists have also been busy — concocting other realities and suggesting the government may have orchestrated the disaster.
Leading the innuendo is American radio host Alex Jones, who on Tuesday admitted he doesn’t know if the Oklahoma tornado is for sure a “weather weapon or not.”
But having no doubt there are companies in Canada and the U.S. that use aircraft to manipulate the weather, he said government officials can control storms to kill its own citizens.
“They can create and steer groups of tornados,” he told his Internet audience, adding if small aircraft were seen in the area before Monday’s twister, they may be signs it was man-made.