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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mid-Week mayhem

Who'd a thunk it: In an astounding turn of events in British Columbia, Christy Clark's B.C. Liberals have won the provincial election and will retain power for another four years.
The Liberals have earned a convincing majority winning 50 of the 85 ridings compared to the NDP at 33. Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver — a renowned climate scientist at the University of Victoria — wins a seat becoming the first ever Green member in the B.C. legislature. Independent candidate Vikki Huntington also wins her seat in Delta South.


Meanwhile, Premier Kathleen Wynne offered an apology Tuesday for the cancellation of two gas plants that will cost taxpayers at least $585 million.
Wynne had previously rebuffed calls for an apology, saying only that she regretted the cost of cancelling the plants, which was more than double what the governing Liberals had claimed.
But she finally apologized on TV Ontario’s The Agenda, saying she was “very sorry” 11 times for the mistakes the government made.


NOW......  for a look at how they do politics down south of the border:
A North Miami mayoral candidate has pretty much the endorsement to end all endorsements: Jesus Christ himself. Anna Pierre touts what she calls the "spiritual endorsement" on her campaign posters, and says she knows she's the one because the son of God sent her three signs that he endorsed her candidacy. Unfortunately, the former '90s Creole-language pop star wouldn't tell the Perspective Naked News department what those signs were; she wants to keep them "private."


MEANWHILE:, I ran across another article questioning America's slide into a police state!:

 Other critics suggested the lockdown represented a massive overreaction that was symptomatic of a larger social crisis. Steven Rosenfeld argued that “beyond lingering questions of whether the government went too far by shutting down an entire city and whether that might encourage future terrorism, a deeper and darker question remains: why is America’s obsession with evil so selective?”  This was an important point and was largely ignored by most commentators on the tragedy. Implicit in Rosenfeld’s question is why the notion of security and safety are limited to personal security and the fear of attacks by terrorists rather than the rise of a gun culture, the shredding of the safety net for millions of Americans, the imprisonment of one out of every 100 Americans, or the transformation of public schools into adjuncts of the punishing and surveillance state.

Men who take prescription pain medications for long periods may be at increased risk of erectile dysfunction, a new study suggests.
In the study, men who took high doses of opioid medication for at least four months were 50 percent more likely to be treated for erectile dysfunction (ED) than those who did not take opioid medications, the researchers said.
Well I can only speak for myself, but when I was doing pain killers while waiting for a hip transplant I don't think it gave me 'erectile dysfunction' at all................  it's just that while I was high I didn't give a shit if I got laid or not!!!!


Brad Pitt is counting his blessings. The World War Z actor, 49, opened up about fiancée Angelina Jolie's stunning revelation of her double mastectomy in a late Tuesday, May 15 interview with USA TODAY. "I'm quite emotional about it, course," said the actor, "I had grown really fond of them!"


Lawyers for Ariel Castro say he'll plead not guilty to charges of kidnapping and raping three women while holding them captive for a decade in his west Cleveland home.
That's all folks!   His only explanation ................. "It wasn't me!"


AND FINALLY: It's not paranoia if they really are following you bunky!

Is the U.S. government trying to create a biometric database of every American’s face? The answer depends on whom you ask, whom you trust, and how you define “biometric.”
Here’s what we know: The U.S. Senate is debating immigration reform legislation that contains an “identity authentication” clause calling for the Department of Homeland Security to establish and administer a “photo tool.” The tool would use facial recognition technology to ensure employers only hire people who are legally allowed to work in America.
As Wired reported, for this to function, an applicant’s photo would have to be run against a database of every single citizen and legally landed immigrant. Wired called the suggested photo library an expansive “biometric database” leading to a National I.D card — a much-feared concept by freedom-loving Americans on either side of the political spectrum.

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