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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Northern Gateway Pipeline Blown Up!

Dear Readers:

While playing around with the "Way-Back" machine today I found out that if I reverse the polarity on the capacitors, instead of going into the past, the machine could bring back information from the future!

One of the first things I managed to snag was this article from May, 2018.

(Five years from today!)

Vancouver: The RCMP confirmed today that a radical environmentalist group in the B.C. Interior have sabotaged a 10 kilometre section of the Northern Gateway pipeline in up to 10 different locations, and caused a spill of over 21 million litres of crude oil into the ecosystem.
While claiming responsibility for the bombing, the group, "People Against the Northern Gateway" have stated that the spill was unfortunate, but necessary to demonstrate how much damage this pipeline could do to the environment!
Notwithstanding the faulty logic, Environment Minister Joe Thundercloud has ordered an immediate start to cleanup efforts and the establishment of a committee to look into compensation for all Native groups in the country!

Meanwhile Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair has renewed his pledge to nationalize Canada's petroleum industry and shut it down!